Evident Ultrasonic Inspection Equipment
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GE On-site Remote Visual Inspection
Company: GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies
GE Inspection Technologies' staff of highly trained remote imaging specialists, equipped with the latest remote visual inspection equipment, are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They can assist during planned and unplanned outages, preventive maintenance, emergency services or with state or federal compliance issues. Time is money in the power generation industry. Our experienced Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) Specialists will bring the latest RVI technology to your site in order to perform RVI examinations of your applications. Our RVI Services offer a turn-key inspection solution, whether it is inspecting high energy piping, performing a loose part retrieval or diagnosing an operational problem, we’ll bring the right equipment to visually inspect (or retrieve) it, record it, and report it back to you. If you have an emergency, or just don’t have the personnel or equipment for an upcoming job, give our 24x7 RVI On-Site Services a call.

Power Generation

Electrical generators, transformers and bus ducts
Gas, steam and wind turbines and electrical generators
High energy steam piping and components
Boiler water piping and components
Nuclear reactor heads, reactor coolant pumps, demineralizers, containment structure(IWE/IWL), and other components
Hangers, snubbers, and other structural components
Piping systems such as service water, fire protection, oil, coal handling, steam, boiler, feedwater, and other piping
Condenser, feedwater heaters, steam generators, and other heat exchangers
Dam and penstocks
Foreign material search and retrieval

Process Industry

Mixing vessels, glass lined vessels, pressure vessels
Underground sewer lines and water lines
CIP (Clean in Place) System validation (Riboflavin rinse)
High-purity and conventional welds
Foreign material search and retrieval
Underground lines and conduits

Oil & Gas

Gas turbines
Reciprocating engines
Meter tubes
Knockout drums / mist pads
Air receiver tanks

Loose Parts Retrieval

Our unique retrieval tools and experienced technicians can remove loose parts and foreign material from plant components without disassembly.

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