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Phased Array and TOFD training
Company: Global School of NDT
Contact: Bob Scholes
State: TX
Country: USA
Phone: +1 281 236 0513
Email: bob@gsndt.com
Global School of NDT is a member of the Olympus NDT Training Accademy and is offering Phased Array, TOFD, Advanced TomoView and Advanced NDT training programs.

Forty hour PA & TOFD courses running alternate weeks in Houston with no minimum student numbers, costs are $1,250.00 per person per 40 hour course.

Candidates should have a strong ultrasonic background and be preferably Level II or III certified.

Company sponsored courses at your preferred location if required.

Email to bob@gsndt.com or phone 281 236 0513

Credit Cards accepted
Evident Ultrasonic Inspection Equipment