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Company: Imperium
Today, Imperium is the sole provider of a hand-held ultrasound camera, the i600 Acoustocam™, which is a breakthrough in ultrasound imaging and provides higher resolution, easier interpretation, and a lower cost than conventional ultrasound technology. We have a full scale manufacturing operation to supply our technology into several industries and have built a strong re­source base of engineering, production, and marketing experience.

Imperium offers a growing family of ultrasonic products for the NDI and medical imaging world. The company’s flagship product is the i600 Acoustocam™ which is a portable, hand­held system for pulse-echo inspections. The i600 Acoustocam™ offers multi-angle shear-wave support with through-transmission appli­cations. This system is configured in a variety of packages from water tanks to automated systems packaged by third party systems inte­grators. Imperium plans to offer a yoke based through-transmission camera called the i700 Acoustocam TT in the near future. The Acoustocam i600™ has an easy-to-use, touch-screen graphical user interface called, AcoustoVision™ that operates on top of Microsoft Windows®. Utilizing an open systems approach, such as Microsoft, allows Imperium to provide ease of upgrades to new features and functions without having to nec­essarily purchase new systems or hardware. This approach also permits Imperium to take advantage of third party applications that aug­ment or enhance the systems usability.

The Acoustocam™ products allow manufacturers to instantly visualize a variety of subsurface faults. By implementing our solutions, our customers realize a significant improvement in production efficiency and cost reduction. The Acoustocam™ industrial imaging products instantly detect voids, delaminations, cracks, and corrosion in materials in both manufacturing and in-service environments.

Together with its clinical partners and advisory boards, Imperium is under development on a full line of medical imaging products for clinical use with DAV™. Our suite of Acoustocam™ imaging cameras* is focused on both imaging applications that current B-scan systems perform as well as expanded clinical uses that current ultrasound cannot satisfy.
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