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ISIS - Shearography (NDT)
Company: Steinbichler Optotechnik GmbH
Address1: Georg-Wiesböck-Ring 12
City: 83115 Neubeuern
Country: Germany
Phone: +49-8035-8704-0
Fax: +49-8035-1010
As a new feature, the mobile ISISmobile shearography system now introduces a fully integrated robot interface for an automatic test procedure.

This interface consistently continues our philosophy of incorporating base technologies into a user-friendly environment, thus allowing users to benefit from maximum system integration. The new system configuration effectively and precisely satisfies the practice-driven demand to test large-surface parts without investing much work in documentation, while nevertheless ensuring the required traceability of the test.

Users now receive a spatially accurate image of the part surfaces they have tested and can assign each measurement result to the surface data with pin-point accuracy. This guarantees the full documentation of the test; users can concentrate on the testing on hand and leave the traceability to the robot system and the software.
The ISISmobile 3010 and ISISmobile 3100 mobile shearography systems enable the fast and easy testing of various composite components, such as sandwich structures with honeycomb or foam core, GlareTM, aluminium composite and other compound materials. Developed as a complete system solution, ISISmobile 3010/3100 provides unique system features for non-destructive material testing. The system can be effortlessly operated by one person; it further offers an automatic program run routine and the software-guided creation of a test protocol. Equipped with a vacuum unit, the handy measuring head permits orientation in nearly any desired way and attaches to a vast variety of component surfaces. The operator can start the measurement process either directly at the measuring head, from the main computer or from a tablet PC. The measuring result is available in a matter of a few seconds and can be evaluated either right after the measurement or later on - the system is thus immediately ready for the next measurement. All result data can be exported in a range of different file formats. In addition, the system accepts 3D CAD data for the creation of automatic test programs or a test protocols.
ISISmobile 3010+3100 - main system features: - easy-to-operate - manual or automatic test programs - automatic test procedure in stationary system - expert and standard operation mode - one-man-operation - automatic test protocol - customer-specific user interface - realtime data display - CAD data interface - 3D data interface - data export in common file formats - network capability - ISISmobile 3100: positioning of measuring head with tripod possible
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