Evident Ultrasonic Inspection Equipment
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Orion Borescope
Company: Medit Inc.
Medit industrial endoscope line is split into PRO, STANDARD and ECONOMY
lines of borescopes (aka bore scopes). It starts with flexible videoscopes both
with articulated video probe and non-articulated. Then followed with rigid
borescopes with camera and extremely bright led light sources. Flexible
fiberoptic borescopes or fiberscopes have traditional tecnology that is well
represented in MEDIT articulated line of fiber optic scopes and followed by non-
articulated super thin fiberscopes. Pipe inspection line of scopes consist of push
cameras and pipe inspection cameras that is mainly used in pipe, drain and
sewer application fields. Borescope cameras represented by newly products like
ImagePro USB camera. And last and not least is MEDIT best known for super
bright LED LIGHT endoscope light sources.

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