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Online Training by NDTClassroom.com
Company: NDTclassroom.com
Phone: 716.875.7740
NDTclassroom recognizes the need for effective web based NDT training. Until
recently, video-based training on the internet was not possible and therefore
highly engaging, interactive HD quality video-based online training could not be
reliably delivered. NDTclassroom has combined a state of the art media
production company and NDT industry innovators to provide the highest quality
training with the best delivery method available.

There are other web based training courses available, but they cannot show real
HD video examples being performed. Watching a largely static slide show online
is not effective training.

In addition, these courses have been developed to be used through our
NDTclassroom Learning management System or for customization to a
particular company standard. These course can be added to an existing
company LMS for seamless integration.

We have collaborated with NDT professionals to develop a process to deliver HD
video-based NDT training over the internet in conjunction with instructor
access for the students. This allows the learner to have an engaging, interactive
learning experience with all of the benefits of clear, close-up video
demonstrations, coupled with the ability to interact with the instructor
asynchronously through email. Our approach makes frequent use of formative
evaluation techniques that require learners to respond and demonstrate their
knowledge and understanding as they progress through a course. Incorrect
responses result in remedial loops so misunderstandings or misinterpretations
are detected promptly and corrected. Our primary course developer has a Ph.D.
in Instructional Design so we are very confident in the effectiveness of the
training programs we produce. We have also devised security measures to verify
the amount of time a learner is spending on the program and to help ensure
that only authorized individuals are taking the course.
Completely HD video based, it is designed to create the same environment as being in the classroom with the benefit of HD video examples and interactive training. When students are in the classroom or viewing an instructor doing a demonstration, they cannot all be viewing the best angle. With video based training, the student can see every step in detail and review any process at any time. Completely internet based, no software needed by the learner or Administrator of the course. Customizable courses to adhere to specific company standards. NDT training courses that can be put into an existing Learning Management System or a custom built NDTclassroom LMS. Important files can be provided to users. Controlled document delivery and verification (course can deliver guarantied viewing of controlled documents according to the course requirements). SCORM compliant (internet standard for training developed by the United States Department of Defense). Testing is based on HD video examples with answer derived from the examples. Encrypted security for protection of sensitive information. Learner can complete courses at their own pace. The software will resume where the student leaves off, regardless of their location. Custom generated certificate for user that is emailed to course administrator immediately upon completion. Automatic database generation for course administrator. Real time data about student usage and feedback. Multiple language delivery. Consistency of training. All of the best training and examples can be put together for the most effective learning possible.
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