Evident Ultrasonic Inspection Equipment
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GE Onsite Inspection Services
On-site Inspection Services deploys trained technicians equipped with robotic
crawlers, pan/tilt/zoom cameras, video borescopes and various other
equipment to power plants all over the world to perform remote visual
inspections and loose part retrieval services. We help to eliminate costly down
time by utilizing remote visual inspection as a time saving, cost efficient tool.
Remote visual inspection can verify structural integrity, reveal loose parts, and
identify potential problem areas.

Nuclear-CRDM, BMI, Condenser FME, IWE/IWL, FOSAR, Service Water, Diesel
Generators, Storage Tanks, Heat Exchangers, Valves/Pumps, Buried Piping
Fossil- Boilers, Gas Turbines, HRSGs, Steam Piping, Fuels Nozzels, Condensers,
Heat Exchangers, Loose Part Retrieval, Coal Conduit, Steam Turbines &
Generators, Coal Bunker/Pulverizer, Raw Water Piping, Valves/Pumps
Wind- Gearbox, Blade (Internal/External)
Hydo- Penstocks, Turbine & Generator

Your next turnaround or unit outage can benefit from the swift and revealing
data that Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) can provide. RVI offers a unique means
to evaluate material condition, drawing verification, insulation integrity and
equipment reliability. Our technicians are equipped with the most
comprehensive assortment of RVI equipment available including video
borescopes, robotic crawlers, pan-tilt-zoom cameras, tube cameras, as well as
C1D1 equipment for deployment into hazardous atmospheres.
Transmission & Distribution- Buss Ducts, Transformers, Conduit Lines,
Mistras Group