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GE MMS2 Protimeter
Company: GE Inspection Technologies
City: Skaneateles
State: NY New York
Country: United States
The moisture you cannot see matters most when surveying a building or
cleaning and restoring a property after water damage from storms, floods or
fires. From hidden mold to unseen structural damage, undetected moisture
damages health and property and its oversight can create liability. That's why
the right moisture meter makes all the difference.

The Protimeter MMS2, the latest addition to GE's Protimeter product line, is a 4-
in-1 instrument, ergonomically designed for easy one-handed operation in
measuring moisture in materials in buildings and related structures. It can
measure surface moisture and moisture below a surface, as well as acting as a
hygrometer to measure ambient air humidity. The addition of an infra-red
thermometer allows the difference between dew point and surface temperature
to be calculated, as well as a wide range of other important psychometric
parameters. The new MMS 2 will help building professionals such as surveyors,
inspectors and architects to assess building moisture levels during new build
and refurbishing activities and assist in the diagnoses of moisture-related
problems in existing buildigs.
  • Features
  • Pin moisture measurement
  • Pinless moisture measurement
  • Ambient relative Humidity and temperature measurement
  • Equilibrium humidity measurement in concrete floors
  • Psychrometric calculations
  • Laser pointer surface non-contact temperature measurement
  • Data logging
  • Firmware upgradable
  • Benefits
  • Easy-to-use
  • Full building moisture diagnostics
  • Fast responding hygrometer speeds up building surveys
  • No need to always plug in multiple accessories
  • Intuitive user interface with color screen