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Company: Eddyfi Technologies
Address1: 3425 Pierre-Ardouin Street
City: Quebec
State: QC
Country: Canada
Phone: 1.418.780.1565
Fax: 1.418.780.2354
The Silverwing Floormap3D with STARS technology is the highest performance
Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) storage tank inspection system on the market
today. Building on the best selling FloormapVS2i, Eddyfi Technologies has developed
surface topology measurement of tank floors using air-gap reluctance system
(STARS) to provide discrimination between top and bottom surface defects,
enabling tank engineers to determine the optimum repair strategy and improve
risk life assessment (RLA) & risk based inspection (RBI) maintenance programs.

The innovative STARS technology (patent pending EU: GB105193.5,
GB1110889.1, GB1109371.3 and USA: 13175440) adds an additional set of
sensors to detect variation in magnetic field strength caused by top side
defects, and combines this with traditional MFL indications to identify top or
bottom location. The Floormap3D has a total of 256 sensors, enhancing lateral
resolution to detect smaller defects, and reduce sensitivity to defect orientation.

The on-board computer uses touch screen technology and proven user
interface design for ease of use within the hostile storage tank environment.
The custom designed data acquisition software not only captures all the MFL
signals but analyses and displays the location and severity of the corrosion in
real time. The operator can easily select to view top, bottom or full defect maps,
providing instant feedback on tank condition.

In addition to improved defect reporting, the new digital calibration system
removes the need to adjust scanner height for different plate thickness,
providing instant switching between floor plates of different thickness.
Traditionally the MFL scanner would have to be removed from the tank and re-
calibrated to inspect different thickness plates, consuming time and placing
extra demand on technicians.
Top & Bottom Defect Discrimination 64 channels (256 sensors) for enhanced defect detection and sizing Motor driven up to 500 mm/s Inspect through coatings up to 6 mm Area coverage of 0.15 mē/s True MFL and STARS view for defect interpretation Automatic CAD Drawing Patch Plate Design Feature Real Time Data Acquisition and Analysis Hard Copy and Electronic Report Function Combined Defect Profiling and Amplitude Analysis
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