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Rigid Borescope
Company: Medit Inc
Contact: salesteam@meditinc.com
Address1: 96 Sherbrook St.
City: Winnipeg
State: Manitoba
Country: Canada
Phone: 18776132210
Made from corrosive free stainless steel Medit’s Rigid
Borescope provides a crisp high resolution picture. The
optical system is made up of coated rod lenses that promise a
distortion free image with great brightness and contrast. The
fixed prism lens built into the borescope to allow for various
directions of view (DOV), including 30°, 70°, 90° and 110°.
This type of lens has an advantage over a mirrors tips at this
image is not backwards. Also the illumination and image are
independent the image has maximum clarity and contrast.
This borescope connects to ACMI, STORZ, OLYMPUS, and WOLF and
many otherlight posts, as well has Medit’s ImagePro cameras,
which can be used to record still images and videos during
• Insertion tube diameter: 2.7 mm (0.11"), 4 mm (0.16"), 5 mm (0,2") or 6 mm (0.24"). • Angle/ Direction of View (DOV): 0°, 30°, 70°, 90° or 110°. • 55° Field of View (FOV) • ACMI, STORZ, WOLF Light post connection • 32mm standard round rigid scope Eyepiece • Rod lens optical system • All-metal Body • Completely waterproof design
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