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NM200UW Nuclear Underwater Laser Scanner
Company: Newton Research Labs, Inc.
Address1: 441 SW 41st Street
City: Renton
State: WA
Country: United States
The NM200UW nuclear underwater laser scanner is a landmark technology
developed by Newton Labs in partnership with a major U.S. nuclear utility. This
new tool solves a problem that has vexed reactor operators for many years: how
do you precisely measure underwater the internals of a PWR or BWR?

The NM200UW system combines rugged, industrial-grade hardware and
electronics with sophisticated, Newton-developed software that compensates
for the disruption of turbulence, heat and radioactivity characteristic of the in-
vessel environment.

The scanner has a demonstrated accuracy of 0.005 (0.127mm) or better, and is
designed to work in concert with industry standard, three-dimensional
software, producing a point cloud output so dense and detailed that a fully
measurable CAD model can be generated.

The capability of the NM200UW to provide precise, reliable and efficient
dimensioning of as-built features, as well as to track cycle-to-cycle
degradation, is important to nuclear utility operators, who until now have relied
heavily on less-accurate traditional measurement techniques such as video
scaling, or local area measurements performed with a ruler attached to a
handling pole.
Components: The NM200UW mapping head encloses a high-resolution video camera and a high-intensity LED ring array The console unit contains the camera control unit, a rack-mounted PC, flat panel screen and wireless keyboard with trackball The communications cable is a standard length of 150 ft. (46 m); lengths up to 300 ft. (91 m) may be special ordered Newton Labs underwater scanning software Components are housed in two, high impact airline-transportable luggage cases
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