Evident Ultrasonic Inspection Equipment
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Pocket UT Mini Scanner
Company: Mistras Group, Inc.
The fully automated MINI Scanner is designed to inspect flat plate or pipe down
to 3" in diameter. Featuring powerful magnetic wheels, the MINI Scanner is at
home scanning vertically or even upside down! Inspection scanning speeds
are as high as 6" per second, with an indexing/crawling speed of 2" per second,
or optional servo version with 15" per second speed and 3" crawling speed.
The complete kit includes the MINI Scanner, 2-axis power supply, all umbilical
cabling for power and water and UT connections to a Pocket UTTM kit. Optional
transducers, bubblers and TOFD wedges are available.

The Automated MINI Scanner is available in the following two configurations:

1. The Pocket UTTM provides the Ultrasonic Pulser/Receiver, C-scan imaging
and the scanner motion control and power supply. The Pocket UT configuration
offers more portability.

2. The second configuration uses an ULTRAPAC computer with power supply,
UTwinTM software (C-Scan and motion control) and a Pulser/ Receiver card. The
laptop configuration offers a larger memory storage capability.

For more information on the mINI Scanner or the pocket UtTM, please call 1-
609-716-4000 or visit us on the web at www.mistrasgroup.com
  • Compact and Only 14 lbs.
  • Two Axis of Precise Motion
  • Waterproof Stepper Motors
  • Scan Speed 6"/second
  • Magnetic Wheels
  • 14 Scan Width
  • Zero Backlash Lead Screw
  • Universal Transducer Mount
  • Accepts Optional TOFD Kit
  • Optional Bubbler with Gimbal-Gimbal Compliance
  • 100-240 VAC & 9-18 VDC Operation
  • Custom Carrying Case
Mistras Group