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Windsor Probe Test System
Company: James Instruments
Address1: 3727 N. Kedzie Avenue
City: Chicago
State: IL
Country: 60618
Phone: +1 773-463-6565
For in-place strength testing of normal and high-performance concrete.


Form Removal

Structural Analysis

Light-weight concrete strength determination

Standard concrete strength determination

High-strength concrete strength determination

High-precision determination

Measures the compressive strength of concrete accurately and effectively, on-
site in the field.

The Windsor HP Probe system rapidly and accurately determines the concrete
compressive strength of a structure by driving a probe into the concrete with a
known amount of force. Improved and enhanced over thirty years, this modern
system is capable of measuring concrete with a maximum compressive strength
of 17,000 PSI (110MPA). It has been ruggedized for use in the construction
environment, yet refined to provide the user with a simpler system to operate.
An electronic measuring unit has been added to help ensure proper test results
which can be recorded for later review or uploading to a personal computer.

Two probe styles are available: one for lightweight, low density concrete with air
filled aggregate and the other probe for more standard mix designs. Also, two
standard power settings facilitate testing fresh concrete as well as mature

The Windsor Probe™ test has been approved by federal, state and municipal
agencies as well as a number of foreign countries in Asia and Europe. It
conforms to the following tests, specifications and practices:

ASTM C803 / ACI 347-78 / ANSI A.10-3 / BS 1881 Part 207

New electronic measuring system enhances accuracy and efficiency Measurement to 17000 psi (110 MPa) Memory for data storage and uploading to PC Safe: no accidental discharge and no recoil Fast and economical use Determines the developing strength of concrete; improves safety, ensures quality and reduces Monitors the strength for rehabilitation as concrete ages Conforms to ASTM C-803 and other official tests
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