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Company: Agile Frameworks
Agile Frameworks provides mobile field information management software
systems and associated services for architecture, engineering and construction
(AEC) firms. Our goal is to enable clients to experience dramatic improvements in
profitability, cash flow and service delivery with a very fast return on investment.

Founded in 2011, the company is a combination of an acquisition of a 20-year-
old IT consulting firm focused on serving AEC firms, Systems Consulting Group,
and intellectual property developed over a six-year period by Braun Intertec
Corporation, a large regional AEC company.

Our mission is to dramatically improve the performance of our AEC clients via
best practices in process and technology. In fact, many of our clients have
experienced superior results such as; driving down project write-offs from 5
percent of revenue to less than 1 percent of revenue; reducing the time it takes
from soil/concrete testing to reporting from 1–3 weeks to hours; and reducing
the cost of data center infrastructure—as well as achieving an ROI of four months
or less via these and other cost-cutting and/or revenue-enhancing initiatives.

Our company professionals have proven track records in strategy, process,
applications and infrastructure along with specialized expertise, software and
intellectual property for the ACEC/ASFE/AEC markets.

The initial product offerings of the firm are cloud-based and include MetaField™,
a mobile application for automating field data collection; AgileStamp®, for
enabling PKI-based secured signing transactions; and AgilePort®, a framework
for collaborating with staff, customers and vendors. All of our products are
designed to seamlessly integrate with Deltek Vision, Oracle, BST Global and
Microsoft Dynamics offerings.
With AgilePort®, your clients can receive field observations, test results, reports, and other deliverables almost as soon as they’re completed over their own searchable and filterable custom-branded portals. AgilePort replaces expensive and inefficient paper-based document management processes and provides architectural engineering consulting and testing firms with an unbeatable competitive advantage. Information flows seamlessly from the MetaField™ field information management system and project management, LIM, accounting, invoicing and reporting systems to clients in a straight-through fashion that: Reduces paper and rework and improves accuracy; Slashes document management costs; Gives clients instant access to up-to-the-minute project data to help keep projects on track and on budget; Provides your firm with a competitive advantage in winning new business while retaining and improving your relationship with existing clients; and Dramatically compresses the time between service delivery and payment. With AgilePort, your clients can access information in their preferred fashion, from document repositories with full-text search capabilities to GIS- and map- based images with drill-down views into field logs, soil boring/test pit logs, analytical results, reports, photographs, and other project-related documents.
AgilePort is designed to be configured and customized for each installation. Examples of features and functions include: Client self-service access to project documents over default or customized portals branded to your firm. Secure access through individually assigned user accounts and SSL encryption. Full-text document search capability. For example, search for all soil borings that encountered specific debris such as ash. Optional image-mapped document filtering so that documents related to a specific segment are viewed and filtered simply by clicking on an aerial view map. Numerous document sorting and filtering options, such as sorting by creation date, document type, boring location, etc. Optional email alert when new documents are added to the client’s document library. Long-term retention and archiving of project documents even after projects are completed. Document version tracking. For specific types of documents, document composition collaboration between MetaField and authorized users; for example, track edits during review of draft Drilling Investigation Reports, Response Action Plans, etc Power your green initiatives!
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