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Company: Higher Orbit Products, Inc.
Address1: P.O. Box 481
City: Ardmore
State: PA
Country: 19003
This is the Hoplite365, the brightest, single-die, LED, ultraviolet flashlight
available. With two models designed specifically for the demands of non-
destructive testing, the Hoplite365 takes fluorescent penetrant inspection (FPI)
and magnetic particle inspection (MPI) illumination technology solidly into the
21st century.

State-of-the-art, high-intensity LED's are now light years beyond the old red or
green stereo power indicators from the 70's and 80's. Even auto headlights are
switching over to LED lighting to reap the many benefits of small size, intense
brilliance, and unparalleled efficiency. If you or your company is still using the
mid-20th century technology of old-fashioned UV lamps using fragile, expensive
glass mercury-bulbs, you'll appreciate the easy freedom of cordless, UV
illumination. Read on to discover more about the Hoplite365 and the advantages
of switching over to solid-state LED lighting.

Carefully engineered to deliver the most long wave ultraviolet output with the
least visible light, the Hoplite365 demonstrates the state-of-the-art in hand-
held, portable solid-state illumination. Using an industry-renowned Nichia
365nm, single-die LED and a highly-efficient electronic driver circuit, the
Hoplite365 generates an intense UV flux which passes through a special, high-
quality, visible light filter. The resulting beam of very pure 365nm UV light
includes only .09 lux of visible light (380nm+), far below the ASTM International
industry allowable maximum.

In addition to easier inside work, this combination of intense UV, minimal visible
light, and long, running times at cool temperatures means that, in addition to
inside inspections, the Hoplite365 is ideal for field work when sufficiently dark
conditions may be difficult to achieve, space is limited, and corded power
difficult or impossible to supply. Having a Hoplite365 makes every job easier!

The Hoplite365 is constructed to withstand the harsh NDT environment. FPI and
MPI dyes are created to make their way into every possible crack or tiny flaw.
That's why with old-fashioned mercury bulb lights, switch failure through dye
contamination is a common problem that can render the affected units unusable
and possibly unsafe until they can be fixed...again and again.

So, to eliminate that entire problem, the Hoplite365 is sealed against
contamination. The head end is factory sealed, the body joints and tail cap
switch are protected with "O" rings, and the self-contained tail cap switch itself is
sealed. Also, in the unlikely event that a switch ever needs to be replaced, no
disassembly or rewiring is required...simply unscrew the old switch and replace it
with a new one, just as you'd do when it's time to change the battery. It's that
LED UV Source: Nichia Single-Die LED, up to 370mW Emission spectrum: 360nm-370nm, peak @ 365nm LED life expectancy: >20,000 hours UV light Intensity: Model HOP50-SB 50mm overall diameter spot size @ 15" (38cm): >25,000W/cm Model HOP100-NC 100mm overall diameter spot size @ 15" (38cm): 1200W/cm at the edge graduating to 12,000W/cm at the beam center Visible light emission: (380-780nm) <1 lx (<0.09 foot candle) ANSI standard is <2 lx (>0.18 foot candle) Construction: High-quality machined aluminum Head unit factory-sealed against contamination by liquids Body tube joints have "O" rings and are sealed Self-contained tail cap switch is watertight Dimensions: Length: 160mm Lamp head diameter: 45mm Lamp handle diameter: 25mm Weight, no battery: 189g (6.7 oz.) Weight with battery: 234g (8.0 oz.) Power supply: one 3.7V, 3000mAh rechargeable, overload circuit-protected, Li- ion cell, size 18650 Typical run time: 3 hours continuous at full brightness, 3+ more hours continuous at reduced but still usable brightness Typical charge time: 5 hours Contamination resistance: Watertight construction: Reflector end is factory-sealed. Removable tail cap switch is sealed and is watertight. Switch is wholly contained in the tail cap unit, so replacement, if needed, is as easy as simply screwing on a new one, the same action taken while changing the battery Additional features: No warm-up time required. Full brightness is instant. No ozone production. No spark/ignition hazard. No more burns! Remains cool-to-the-touch when operating. The test results, parameters, and figures above were valid at the time of testing. Unavoidable variations between batches of individual components are possible and therefore small changes in absolute results are possible in either direction. The performance of all lights will still remain similar to the above test results within a very narrow range. Higher Orbit Products LLC cannot be held liable for these variations nor any inadequate performance resulting from any differences.
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