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Dye Penetrant and Mag Particle Fluids
Company: Met-L-Chek
Address1: 1639 Euclid Street
City: Santa Monica
State: CA
Country: USA
Phone: (310) 450-1111
Met-L-Chek Company has been a leader in penetrant-inspection technology for
over 60 years, manufacturing NDT materials, contributing to specification
development, and sharing technical insights through itís popular
Penetrant Professor newsletter. Met-L-Chek was incorporated in 1952 by the late
Loy W. Sockman, holder of the first USA visible dye penetrant patent. Loy
Sockman helped develop the first version of MIL-I-25135.

What We Do

- Manufacture visible and fluorescent penetrants, magnetic particles, and filtered
particles (inspection of ceramics). Our products meet or exceed military, civilian
and corporate specifications, and several are the
qualification standards for AMS-2644.

- Recertify in-use materials through our Pen-Chekģ and Mag-Chekôservice

- Share technical information through our free newsletter The Penetrant

-Price products very competitively and process and ship orders quickly.

Whom We Serve

Met-L-Chek users include the U. S. Air Force, casting, forging, and foundry
shops in Asia and South America; aircraft manufacturers in Asia, Europe, and the
USA; aircraft engine overhaul shops in Asia and the Middle East; nuclear power
plants; oil refineries; and manufacturers of ice cream and pharmaceutical
products. Met-L-Chek products are found wherever the quality and integrity of
metal parts is important. Met-L-Chek products are manufactured in the U.S.A.
and the Netherlands (by NDT Europa B.V. ) and available through a global
network of distributors.
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