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IPLEX Ultralite Videoscope
Company: Olympus
The palm-sized IPLEX Ultralite industrial videoscope, weighing just 700 g,
delivers high quality images. Its compact, durable body enables inspections in
tough and confined areas. A rugged insertion tube offers quick and accurate

Outstanding Mobility

With its durable design and improved performance that allows it to be used in
diverse environments, the IPLEX UltraLite is the industry's choice in handheld
remote visual inspections.

Surprisingly compact and lightweight

The IPLEX UltraLite weighs only 700 g (1.5 lb) with its lithium-ion battery. This
easy-to-use videoscope is so small and light that it is the perfect companion for
the inspector who works in areas with limited access or in cramped spaces or has
to navigate narrow stair cases and steep ladders.

Palm-sized ergonomic design

The ergonomic IPLEX UltraLite fits snugly into the palm of your hand, and
provides speedy, fatigue-free operation even during prolonged inspections.

Outstanding Usability

The IPLEX UltraLite offers intuitive manipulations for efficient, accurate

Icon-based menus for instant recognition and intuitive operations

IPLEX UltraLite menus feature simple, intuitive icons that let you quickly
identify and activate the desired functions.
Quick-access hot buttons

IPLEX UltraLite eliminates complicated menu settings. The IPLEX UltraLite
functions can be easily operated with just one hand. By pressing dedicated,
direct-access keys, you can quickly articulate the scope tip, record images,
adjust brightness, and input text.
Quick, precise scope articulation

The IPLEX UltraLite features quick, accurate articulation. The scope tip
instantly and accurately responds to the articulation control and approaches
targets precisely, enabling fast, efficient inspections.
Outstanding Quality

With its innovative, compact design, the IPLEX UltraLite offers uncompromising,
industry-leading durability and image quality.

Durable chassis withstands drops and falls

The IPLEX UltraLite's durability has been thoroughly proven. It passes our 1.2 m
(3.9 ft) drop test, and withstands inspection-site drops and falls. The LCD
monitor is equipped with the prominently strong Gorilla Glass, passing a steel-
ball drop test compliant with the international standard, IEC-61010.

Rugged design for reliable operation in harsh environments

Operators are often called on to conduct inspections in difficult environments.
The IPLEX UltraLite stands up to rain, sand and dust, and is compliant with IP55.
Ideal for outdoor inspections, the IPLEX UltraLite faithfully produces brilliant
images, even in sunlight.

Insertion tube resists crushing and abrasion

The IPLEX UltraLite's insertion tube is both crush and abrasion-resistant. It is also
designed with unique Olympus Tapered Flex™ technology for outstanding scope
maneuverability. With its durability and graduated flexibility, the IPLEX UltraLite
insertion tube enables you to inspect objects inside winding and rough paths.

A bright LED illumination at the scope tip eliminates the need for fiber optic

A high-density outer braid provides maximum wear resistance and durability.
The Tapered Flex™ tube features gradient flexibility for easy scope
maneuverability and navigation.

A crush-resistant steel coil layer makes the insertion tube more durable.

Sharp live-image and clear movies for reliable observation and analysis

When it comes to remote visual inspections, image quality is one of the highest
priorities. The IPLEX UltraLite is equipped with our unique Olympus image
processor, and produces sharp and clear images. Along with its superb color-
reproducing capability, the IPLEX UltraLite enables you to accurately detect even
small defects.

Observed images can be stored in a connected SD or SDHC card as high-quality
JPEG still images and MPEG-4 movies.

Outstanding Functionality

The IPLEX UltraLite now offers several new hardware and software features to
enhance the efficiency and accuracy of your inspections and analysis.

Extra-bright illumination with versatile optical adapters

For optimal direction and magnification covering various types of objects,
the IPLEX UltraLite offers a comprehensive range of interchangeable optical tip
adapters.The bright LED mounted on the tip adapters clearly illuminates targets.
In addition, Hi-Beam mode is newly equipped on the IPLEX UltraLite, which
boosts illumination up to 2X for expanded inspection capability.
InHelpTM Inspection Assist Software

InHelp, the optional inspection data management and reporting software
streamlines many aspects of remote visual inspections with the IPLEX. The
software greatly improves work efficiency and simplifies inspections by
organizing stored images on the IPLEX and generating detailed inspection
reports on a PC with simple click-operation.
Download the InHelp Viewer >>

Proven Stereo Measurement*

Our advanced Stereo Measurement technology offers outstanding reliability and
accuracy for your inspections. By capturing image information through two
parallax lenses, the IPLEX UltraLite permits accurate measurement of almost any
object from any angle.

Additionally, our unique Spot-Ranging™ feature on the IPLEX UltraLite, the
industry's only realtime tip-to-target distance measurement tool, navigates the
scope tip to the optimum distance from a target for the most precise
measurement on the first try.
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