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GUF500 Ultrasonic Flaw Detector
Company: Time Group USA LLC
Contact: Richard Perigo
Address1: 2686 Davidson Graveyard Rd
City: Clarksville
State: Tennessee
Country: United States
Phone: 9313628463
Fax: 9313622650
The GUF500 is an advanced model developed by engineers in the
field with automated calibration and automated gain.
★High-speed capture and very low noise
★Solid metal housing for durability
★High contrast viewing of the waveform from bright
★Powerful software,reports can be export to excel
•Automated display precise flaw location(Depth d,level p, distance s, amplitude, sz dB, ф •Automated switch three staff gauge(Depth d, level p, distance s) •Automated calibration of transducer Zero-point, Angles, Front edge and material Velocity •Convenient to make and use DAC\TCG and AVG to evaluate the echo, the curve can be modified and compensated •6dB DAC functions •100 independence setup, any criterion can be input freely, we can work in the scene without test block •Big memory of 1000 A graph •Automated gain and gain scan •Peak Hold and Peak Memory •B scan •AWS D1.1 loaded •Automated video of test process and play with unlimited video length •Powerful pc software and reports can be export to excel •Li battery, continue working time up to 10 hours •The embedded software can be updated online
1. Wave peak memory: real time envelopes show the highest wave of the flaws and record the maximum value of the flaws, it is helpful to locate the flaws precisely and scan the work piece quickly. With the help of envelope waveform, the quality of the flaws can be determined. 2. Automatic gain: automatically adjust the gain to the preset amplitude height. 3. Alarming function: afferent echo/echo loss alarming. 4. Real-time clock: automatically record and store the date and time of waveforms. 5. Display freezing: catch waveforms and sound path data at any moment, and the gate can be moved after freezing to measure the echo parameters. 6. Flaw positioning: real-time display sound path S, horizontal X, depth Y, and wave height H. 7. Digital Reject: 0-80%, increase by 1%, not affecting the linearity and gain. 8. Wave height reading: three display modes: relative wave height, dB difference relative to the gate, and dB difference relative to DAC curve. 9. Data communication: communicate with the computer through RS232 port to transmit waveforms and data so as to manage the result of detection on the computer, and generate the flaw detection reports, as well as print out reports. 10. 2 independent measurement gates, monitoring the echo amplitude and the sound path distance. 11. When using transverse wave to detect flaws, the depths of the second and third waves are automatically calculated according to the slab thickness. 12. Perfect DAC curve functions, the curves change along with the changes of the gain, sound path, and displacement. It can be straight line or curve. 13. True color TFT LCD whose brightness is adjustable, with many color schemes to choose freely. 14. Solid waveform display, the visual contrast of waveforms is increased so the undetection is hard to happen when fast scan is carried out. 15. Echo-echo thickness measurement, zero calibration is avoided, and the net thickness of the base material can be directly measured through the coating.
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