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Snake Cam-12 Inspection System
Company: Medit Inc
Contact: Oleg Zuev
City: Minneapolis
State: Minnesota
Country: USA
Phone: 1-877-613-2210
SnakeCam-12 is a new compact hand-held video bore scope with supreme illumination capabilities due to 2 additional extra bright LED lights, providing great performance and image quality even in larger areas. It is ideal for inspecting different hard to access, extra dark areas, such as behind walls, in heating and cooling systems, shafts, under vehicles, etc. IP 57 and seals protect the bore scope from water intrusion thus increasing camera’s application scope to inspections requiring water submersion.

The high light output and a high-resolution camera allow for thorough inspections in different settings and sites offering users a clear and informative image of the area of interest.

Featuring an ergonomic body design, intuitive user interface and control buttons located right at your fingertips, the SnakeCam-12 control unit offers operators greater flexibility and comfort, making even longer inspections much easier and safer. The camera’s battery powered operation, allowing for up to 4 hours of video capture, contributes to its portability and overall ease of use.

Inspection images or live video can be viewed in all detail on the color high-definition 3.5" LCD monitor right on site, saved to a SD card or transferred to a computer.

The SnakeCam-12 can be used with either flexible or flex-and-stay probes of different lengths and diameters depending on your specific application requirements. All the probes are available for purchase at
Camera Head Diameter: 12mm (0.47”) Camera Resolution: 450,000 pixels Probe Type: Flexible, Flex-and-Stay Probe Lengths: 1-3 meters (3.28’ – 9.84’) DOF: 80mm-infinity (3.15”-infinity) FOV: 67° Light Source: 6 LEDs + 2 Extra Bright LEDs Probe Working Temperature: -20°C to 60°C Ingress Protection: IP 57 3.5” Color LCD Display: 720x480 pixels Image (JPEG )/Video (MPEG4) file capture AV output (PAL/NTSC selectable) 2 GB SD card for capturing data USB port (1.1/2.0) to transfer data to PC
High Resolution Camera Super Intense LED light illumination Variable Probe Lengths Still Images and Video Capture Capabilities Waterproof Compact, Lightweight, Portable Intuitive interface
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