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SeaSnake Inspection Camera System
Company: Medit Inc
Contact: Oleg Zuev
Address1: 96 Sherbrook str
City: Winnipeg
State: Mannitoba
Country: Canada
Phone: 1-877-613-2210
The SeaSnake Inspection Camera System is a new product in
Medit’s line of inspection cameras. It is a versatile,
portable viewing device with image capturing and storing
capabilities suited for various applications in remote
imaging as it features a wide 15" high-definition color TFT
monitor, high-resolution CCD sensor mounted on a straight
view camera head, 12 high-output LED lights with adjustable
intensity and a flexible spring coiled joint for smooth
travel in awkward places or areas with limited access. The
control unit with a soft splash-proof keyboard is packed in
a light, water- and weather-proof case that can accompany
you to any inspection site.

The camera’s scope of application is virtually limitless as
it combines high performance with ease of use and
outstanding portability. It is ideal for performing
different type of inspections during sewer and drain
maintenance, assessing condition of HVAC systems, wells and
pipework, mainlines, air ducts, conducting quality checks
and many other.

The PVC coated fiberglass cable is waterproof and available
in 20 meter (65.6'), 35 meter (114.9’) and 40 meter (131.2')

The optional configuration of the SeaSnake includes includes
a 512 Hz sonde located right behind the camera head allowing
the operator to remotely locate the camera with the help of
a sonde locator.
- 23mm (1.0”) detachable camera head - Working lengths: 20 m (65.6'), 35 m (114.9’), 40 m (131.2') - High-resolution CCD image sensor protected by anti-scratch Sapphire glass lens - Built-in digital video recorder - Integral 512 Hz sonde - Large 15” high-definition color TFT display in a waterproof case - Image (JPEG )/Video (AVI) file capture - Large high-definition display (1024 X 768 pixels) - Soft keyboard for text input - Battery capacity: 12V 12AH - Video output to a TV monitor - Files capture to a SD memory card - 12 super white LED lights - 2 centralizing skids
Detachable camera head: shorter equipment downtime, lower repair costs as the camera head can be easily detached and replaced; Wider display allowing to watch inspections in great detail; Image and video file capturing and storing capabilities; Variable working lengths; Keyboard for entering up to 4 pages of inspection data; Centralizing skids ensuring camera's upright position at the inspection site
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