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Total Tube Solution
Company: TesTex Inc.
Contact: Info@testex-ndt.com
Address1: 535 Old Frankstown rd
City: Pittsburgh
State: PA
Country: USA
Phone: 412-798-8990
Fax: 412-798-8995
TesTex's Total Tube Solution is our answer to the all in one gadgets on the market. our Total Tube Solution is three to four distinct systems allowing you to inspect up to four units at once. The all in one system can only do one inspection at a time. This increases your production potential up to 4X!

This includes our :
Eagle 2000 Remote Field Inspection System
TX 4400 Eddy Current Inspection System
Mag Wave Saturation Eddy Current System
Helix XT Iris System

Our Base package includes the following:
Eagle 2000 Electronics box, RFET Acquisition and Analysis Software, TX 4400 Electronics box, Eddy Current Acquisition and analysis software, A DC power supply for Mag Wave, Mag Wave acquisition and analysis software, Helix XT Electronics box, Helix acquisition and analysis software.

TesTex manufactures our own probes, and offer a variety of sizes and types of probes and can supply those with overnight shipping in some cases.

We also can provide tube sheet mapping software and report writing software that works in conjunction with all of our software so you can generate reports and present tube sheet maps for each unit you inspect.

Up to four systems for the approximate price of an all-in-one gadget. World Class customer support including calibration, repair, and training on using the systems. we can also supply peripheral equipment including probes, calibration standards and additional equipment for our air powered high speed Eddy Current and Mag Wave inspections
Benefits include having four systems and being able to conduct up to four inspections at once ans opposed to an all in one only being able to conduct one inspection at a time. In the event of a calibration or repair, you can send in each electronics box seperately so you only have to be down one system unlike an all in one where in the case of repair or calibration you are cannot perform any inpections while it is being serviced. Equipment that is USED in a service capacity by the people who manufacture it ensures that you get field tested tools for your job instead of lab tested only.
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