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Flexible Ultrasonic Phased Array Probe for Complex Shape Inspection
Company: Guangdong Goworld Co., Ltd.
Contact: Kevin Huang
Address1: 21 Xingye Rd., Shantou, Guangdong, China
City: Shantou
State: Guangdong
Country: China

Performing high-resolution ultrasonic thickness mapping of complex shapes with changing geometries, such as elbows, is very challenging. To address such applications, Goworld has developed its first flexible ultrasonic phased array probe that is capable of conforming to complex shapes creating new opportunities for more applications. To map the thickness of a component, conventional ultrasonic probes must be held perpendicular to the surface at every point of data acquisition. This process is slow and corrosion pits can be missed between acquisition points. Using ultrasonic phased array allows large areas to be rapidly scanned at high-resolution, but standard linear phased array probes are rigid and cannot conform to changes in component geometry. This type of phased array probe is designed for high-resolution thickness mapping of complex shapes and the part to be inspected within narrow space (thickness of the probe is only 3.0mm). Potential applications for such probes include the inspection of elbows, bends, nozzles, or any part with variable geometry. This probe has both flexibility to any surface of any curvature and mechanical integrity combined with improved acoustic properties, and is mounted on a flexible delay line made with Aqualene to provide better contact with the part and reduce the dead zone. This advantage makes it also suitable for on-line inspection.

Models on Inventory

5S64-1.0*10(MODEL) 5.0MHZ(FREQ.) 64(E-NOs) 1.0mm(PITCH) 64mm(A.APTR) 10mm(ELEV)

7.5S32-0.5*10(MODEL) 7.5MHZ(FREQ.) 32(E-NOs) 0.5mm(PITCH) 16mm(A.APTR) 10mm(ELEV)

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