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EchoTherm Extreme™
Company: Echo Ultrasonics LLC
Contact: Marian Larson
Address1: 774 Marine Drive
City: Bellingham
State: WA
Country: USA
Phone: 360-671-9121
Fax: 360-671-9024
EchoTherm Extreme is a high temperature couplant with the highest and broadest operating range available. EchoTherm Extreme is a thick paste couplant with a very broad operating range of -40°F/C to 1250°F (676°C) and an auto-ignition temperature above 1300°F (704°C). EchoTherm Extreme offers stable transmission, less smoke, easier clean-up and no polymer residue to interfere with subsequent testing. EchoTherm Extreme is ideal for hot calibration standards as no residue remains on the standard. EchoTherm Extreme is the choice for high temperature corrosion, flaw and thickness testing needs and is safe for use in ports up to 1250°F/676°C.
- No auto-ignition under 1300F - Minimal residue - Less smoke - Optimizes sound transmission and reduces surface noise - No plastic polymer - Instant response time - Increased testing efficiency - Reduces the time transducers are exposed to high temperatures
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