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Ultrasonic Preamplifier CTS-8682 Series
Company: Guangdong Goworld Co., Ltd.
Contact: Kevin Huang
Address1: 21 Xingye Rd., Shantou, Guangdong, China
City: Shantou
State: Guangdong
Country: China
Phone: +86 13502952062
The CTS-8682 is an ultrasonic pre-amplifier developed with advanced analog amplifying technique from top processes by the Goworld. This product is to be used as an excellent auxiliary tool to UT device receive relatively weak signals when working on materials like organics, etc. Handy and portable as it is, this type is perfect for remote and hi-sens transmission. Hermetically-sealed housing of Al alloy prevents liquid in-seepage. Currently we have four models for corresponding bandwidth ranges. This type is also customizable.

Main Features

Amplifier: 30dB, bandwidth: up to 32MHZ
Power supply: battery or AC. Charging: AC to the loaded battery.
The user can switch between normal working status and charging status.

Main Specifications

Amplifier bandwidth:
CTS-8682A: 20kHz - 2MHz
CTS-8682B: 20kHz - 10MHz
CTS-8682C: 20kHz - 20MHz
CTS-8682D: 20kHz - 34MHz
Gain: 30dB (adjustable according to the bandwidth)
Input Impedance: 700 Ohm;
Output Impedance: 50 Ohm;
Output Volts Range: 2VPP
Battery life: >25 hours
Port: Signal Port: LEMO 00; Power Supply port: LEMO OB
Dimension: 90mm*55mm*23mm
Weight: 160g
Evident Ultrasonic Inspection Equipment