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FOCUS PX Phased Array and Conventional Ultrasonic Data Acquisition Instrument
Company: Olympus IMS
The FOCUS PX instrument is a rugged, high-performance acquisition unit that uses phased array and conventional ultrasound to perform nondestructive inspections. Using our latest technology, the FOCUS PX unit provides excellent phased array signal quality for an improved signal-to-noise ratio. The FOCUS PX system is scalable use up to four units in parallel for advanced multiprobe configurations and increased speed. The systems optimized communication process significantly reduces programming time, minimizing cycle time and improving the user experience. Designed to meet the requirements of IP65, the unit is dust and water resistant and has multiple fins to dissipate heat.
The FOCUS PX instrument is part of a larger phased array integration solution designed to handle demanding inspection tasks. Olympus integration solution includes the FOCUS PX acquisition unit, FocusPC, a powerful data acquisition and analysis software program, and two software development kits (SDKs), FocusControl and FocusData, to customize your software interface based on your application. This solution is ideal for a variety of applications, including automated inspection, aerospace, transportation, metal manufacturing, and oil & gas.