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APOLLO 1.0 Dual UV and White Light Meter
Company: Labino AB
Contact: Marios Athanasiadis
Address1: Fagelsangsvagen 16
City: 186 42 Vallentuna
Country: Sweden
Phone: +46 8 83 90 70
Apollo 1.0 Radiometer/Photometer is an instrument for ACCURATE measurement of UV-A irradiation and visible illumination. Extra engineering effort is taken to make an accurate measurement of visible light emission from a UV-A lamp by incorporating a superior band pass filter stack containing only non-fluorescent filters. The instrument provides fast measurement as it offers auto ranging and concurrent measuring of visible light and UV-A irradiation. Apollo 1.0 is traceable to NIST (USA National Institute of Standards and Technology).

This product is available with our eight distributors located in the US and with 80 more distributors worldwide.


A. WIRELESS: Sensor measurements and transmission of data is done via Bluetooth. The wireless sensor enables the user to measure from a distance of up to five meters. This feature ensures that the sensor unit is stable and no movement occurs from connecting cables during measurement.

B. CALIBRATIONS NEED NOT DISRUPT YOUR OPERATIONS: A user can buy a double kit (1 reader, 2 sensor units) and only send one sensor for calibration, while making use of the other, so that operations are never disrupted. Each sensor unit has both a UV and White light sensors incorporated on it.

C. EASE OF USE: The Apollo Meter is ergonomic and easy to use due to its light weight chassis, wireless sensor unit and compact size. Light in the display comes on automatically when measuring in a dark area and it provides an auto ranging for visible light and UV light simultaneously. The meter features both hold and peak functions.

Hold function: By pressing the Hold button the present value is stored.
Peak function: By pressing the Peak button the sensor automatically stores the highest value measured.

Labino AB (www.labino.com) is a Swedish-American, family owned company dedicated to the development and manufacture of UV inspection lamps since 1994. Since its inception, Labino AB has been committed to high standards of quality in the design and manufacture of new innovative products, helping NDT professionals worldwide to make the world a safer place. Labino has a wide portfolio of stationery, handheld, headlight UV products that are in compliance with ASTM E-3022, E-1417, E1444, E2297 as well as with ISO 3059. Labino also has available customized products that comply with engineering specifications of renowned manufacturers (PRIMES) such as Rolls Royce i.e. RRES 90061, Boeing, Pratt & Whitney etc. For a live demonstration of our products and more information of our compliance with the various standards please contact one of our distributors at www.labino.com/distributors.
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