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27MG Ultrasonic Thickness Gage
Company: Olympus IMS
The Olympus 27MG ultrasonic thickness gage is an affordable solution to make accurate measurements from one side on internally corroded or eroded metal pipes, tanks, and other equipment. Weighing only 12 oz. (340 g), the 27MG thickness gage is ergonomically designed for easy one-hand operation. Despite its compact size, the thickness gage has many innovative measurement features utilizing the same technologies that are available on our more advanced gages. The durable, rugged instrument is battery-operated and features a large, backlit LCD with easy-to-read numerals and an intuitive color-coded keypad with direct access to many key features.

Standard features include automatic probe recognition to help ensure optimal transducer performance, auto zero compensation to enhance the accuracy of measurements on hot surfaces, gain adjust to improve measurements on sound-attenuating materials such as cast metals, differential mode, hi-low alarm settings, and a min./max. mode that captures the minimum or maximum thickness at 20 measurements per second.