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Ultrasonic Transducers
Company: Olympus Scientific Solutions
Olympus manufactures ultrasonic transducers for applications including flaw detection, thickness gaging, and materials research. We have developed more than 4,000 transducer types consisting of both standard units and special designs. We are committed to remaining at the forefront of ultrasonic technology by introducing innovative products and solving difficult application challenges.

Single element transducers can cover a broad range of thicknesses and diameters. They are available in many sizes and frequencies. Dual element transducers are primarily used to measure corroded materials such as boiler tubes and cast iron. These transducers are available in different frequencies, sizes, and temperature capabilities to provide an off-the-shelf solution to most corrosion applications.

Some of our transducer types include:

• Electromagnetic acoustic transducers (EMAT) are single element transducers that employ a magnetostrictive effect to transmit and receive ultrasonic waves.

• A contact transducer is a single element, longitudinal wave transducer intended for use in direct contact with a test piece.

• A replaceable delay line transducer is a single element Videoscan® transducer with a case design configured for use with a replaceable delay line.

• Spot weld transducers are optimized for nondestructive testing of numerous types of spot welds, including those used in automotive and industrial applications.

• A protected face transducer is a single element, longitudinal wave contact transducer that can be used with a delay line, protective membrane, or protective wear cap.

• High frequency transducers are single element contact or immersion transducers designed to produce frequencies of 20 MHz and greater.

• Atlas® European Standard transducers feature LEMO connectors, metric unit element diameters, and common frequencies, such as 1, 2, and 4 MHz. They are designed to meet inspection criteria referenced throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

• Immersion special transducers refer to a variety of transducers that conduct many specific applications such as measuring wall thickness, inspecting aluminum plating, and multi-element array flaw detection.

• Integral angle beam transducers provide superior signal-to-noise characteristics. Both right Microdot and straight Microdot connectors are available on some styles.
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