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CTS-8077PR UT Pulser Receiver
Company: Goworld
Contact: Kevin Huang
Address1: 21 Xingye Rd., Shantou, Guangdong, China
City: Shantou
State: Guangdong
Country: China
Phone: +86 13502952062
CTS-8077PR is a UT pulser-receiver designed to assist a digital oscilloscope in serving the function of assessing the acoustic properties of ultrasonic probes and that of working out their performance indexes, by the technique of square wave drive and LP/HP wave filtration. It can also be applied in such occasions as flaw detection, thickness gauging, material characterization, etc. With low-noise and broadband receiver-amplifier, as well as advanced transmission circuitry made up of top square wave pulser and high-voltage loops, it lives up to the level of the transducer testing system prescribed by EN12668:2000 standard, which makes it the best substitute for any international counterparts. It serves the purpose by driving pulse echo from the material or the probe itself by square wave (or spike wave, optional) for the oscilloscope to catch (tip on the cable linked to the probe) and display (FFT analysis), in order to work out (by relevant formulae) 4 key indexes: -20dB pulse width, center frequency, -6dB bandwidth and relative PE sensitivity, which are indicators to the assessment of probe performance and material properties.


I. It can be used as a pulser ( pulse supplier to the OSC)

II. Can be used as a square-wave driver (double edges of square wave will create different superposed effects subjected to adjustment of the pulse width, either for the sake of amplitude or Discernibility)

III.It can be used as an amplifier (through amplification or filtration on electric signals). Goworld also supplies preamplifier CTS-8682 series (into 4 bandwidths, purchased optionally) to enhance this effect if the signal is weak when testing material like organics.

IV.It can be used as a flaw detector or thickness gauge (exl. to gauge thickness of contaminant inside a nanofiltrater by X-shift between the echo wave of the with-case and that of the without-case)

V.PE or T-R (one way through, double probes) mode optional

VI.lives up to the level of the transducer testing system prescribed by EN12668:2000 standard

VII.Open to user-DIY development

VIII. PC Control Software (Standard Kit)

IX. Probe Testing Software V2.0 (Optional)
Vizaar Vuman E3