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OmniScan® MX ECA/ECT Flaw Detector
Company: Olympus Scientific Solutions
The OmniScan® MX flaw detector is a field-proven, reliable instrument that is built to withstand harsh and demanding inspection conditions. Compact and lightweight, the instrument is battery powered for up to 6 hours of manual or semi-automated inspection time.

The flaw detector’s 8.4-in. (213 mm) color display enables you to see defects and details under any light conditions. Navigate your way through the instrument’s simple and intuitive interface using the scroll knob and function keys or by connecting a USB mouse to facilitate the inspection analysis.

To meet the requirements of a broader range of applications, eddy current testing (ECT), eddy current array (ECA), and bond testing (BT) C-scan technology are available in two module versions. Both of these modules are compatible with the MXE (ECT/ECA) and MXB (BT C-scan) software, providing an easy transition between technologies and a short learning curve.