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Mark 4 Tank Floor Scanner
Company: MFE Enterprises
The Mark IV takes the precision, reliability, and durability of its predecessors to another level with upgraded, user-friendly software and a lightweight build. Its slim design boasts an unprecedented weight of only 65 lb.

The convenience of using the new Mark IV will be outweighed only by the confidence in its reporting features and ability to discover volume loss in real time with its true real-time display.

User-Friendly Software:

The software guides the operator through an intuitive process that begins with quickly generating a sketch of the tank floor bottom and ends with a comprehensive detailed MFL map of the tank floor bottom.

Real-Time Display:

The real-time "A-Scan" display features an LED signal response that runs concurrently with a "C-Scan" mapping preview that clearly illustrates where the defect is relative to the magnetic bridge. This allows defects to be located even faster and drastically eliminates the needs of the scanner to be constantly moving while locating defects.

Tank Floor Bottom:

In less than 10 minutes, the operator can quickly recreate the tank floor plate layout, including annular plates. Detailed information for each plate is not required until the operator is ready to begin the MFL scan.

Speed Tracking:

Our new speed tracking feature provides the operator immediate feedback so they are confident they are scanning within an optimal speed range, ensuring consistent, reliable, and accurate results.

Speed Compensation Software:

Speed Compensation Software allows operators scanning at different speeds to obtain the same results. The signal response is normalized when scanning within the speed tracking range.
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