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Polymer Dry Couplant Materials
Company: Innovation Polymers
Our focus is on highly effective sound transfer through the development of acoustic-capable polymers. These new polymers enable coupling of the ultrasonic sensor to the material under test and provides a layer to couple, seal or optimize energy transfer.

Our mission is to develop and produce high quality acoustic capable polymers to support the NDT and medical ultrasonic imaging industries

Innovation Polymers has the capability to develop a wide range of unique sound coupling polymeric media.

NDT Applications

HDPE pipe fusion welds
TOFD for polyethylene products
Girth weld & welds in general
High temperature Silicon wheel and pads
Wedge assemblies
Rail and high production Polyurethane
Concrete Rebar inspection

Our Materials

Aqualene™ Industry standard optimal coupling
ACE™ Low temperature wheel applications
Aqualink™ (supersoft, very Clear, conforming)
AquaSilox 100 (High temperature)
AqualSilox 200 (Oil resistance and high temp)
AquaCyan (High abrasion, tough)
Evident Ultrasonic Inspection Equipment