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Company: DÜRR NDT
Address1: Hoepfigheimer Str. 22
City: 74321 Bietigheim-Bissingen
Country: Germany
Phone: +49 7142993810
Portable high-resolution Computed Radiography scanner for a wide range of radiographic inspection applications - e.g. weld testing, profile images and aerospace.
Highest resolution: DÜRR NDT is the only manufacturer worldwide to offer 30 micron basic spatial resolution (SRb ), BAM certified. Universal: Perfectly suited to the diverse tasks of radiographic inspection, including to ISO, ASTM and ASME standards. Portable & compact: At just 17.5 kg, is the lightest and most compact fullformat scanner (27.5 kg incl. transport case). TreFoc Technology: Developed by DÜRR NDT, this technology adjusts the laser beam size in order to provide the optimum image result with the highest signal-to-noise ratio for the specific task at hand. High throughput: Several imaging plates can be scanned simultaneously. Extremely low maintenance: Only minor servicing required every 2 years even if used in dirty and dusty environments. 5-Year Guarantee.
No darkroom needed: Special imaging plate accessories are available to protect from light when used in daylight conditions. Intuitive software: The DICONDE compliant D-Tect software assists you in image evaluation, thus maximizing your workflow. Flexible formats: Able to process imaging plates of all sizes and quality grades as well as shapes specific to a workpiece. Easy transition from film.
Evident Ultrasonic Inspection Equipment