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Borehole / Water Well Camera STRAHL
Company: by MEDIT
Contact: Terry Peristerakis
Country: USA / Canada
Phone: 1.800.239.9934
Affordable borehole camera to inspect oil and water wells, vertical shafts, etc.
The system features 8.5mm flexible twisted pair cable of different lengths (up to 500 meters), motorized winch allowing for winding the cable up and down at different speeds.
It is equipped with a 63mm (2.48") dual camera which is withstood up to 50bar pressure.
The STRAHL borehole camera features a compact control unit with a high-resolution 10" LCD monitor. All data can be saved on an external USB flash drive, or onto the built-in 128Gb hard drive. The interface offers various operation features: the winch operating knob, rotation control and many other. The system features a WiFi module (to use with Android APP) with up to 100m range.
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