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Responsive Phased Array TFM Imaging System CTS-PA22T
Company: Guangdong Goworld Co., Ltd.
Contact: Kevin Huang
Address1: 21 Xingye Rd., Shantou, Guangdong, China
Address2: 12 Longjiang Rd., Shantou, Guangdong, China
City: Shantou
State: Guangdong
Country: China
CTS-PA22T is a responsive phased array TFM imaging system
originally developed by Goworld, with 64 channels working totally in parallel. The system acquires FMC data from wiithin the object of either metal or non-metal and makes precise real-time 2D/3D TFM imaging through rapid hardware running based on FPGA. The innovative RF metadata platforrm can process the original signals on computer.

CTS-PA22T goes beyond the stereotype of phased array S/L/B
scan modes. The user just needs to customize the size and spot of the area for inspection before the system can make TFM imaging on the intended part within the object. There are quite a few TFM reconstructing models attached for exceptional defects, to reproduce actual appearance of each. The 64-ch parallel mode and access to FMC data open the door for researchers from academies and institutes concerning development and simulation on TFM algorithms targeted at all kinds of exceptional cases.

A complete working system consists of a PC host, application
modules, PA probes and other necessary parts. CTS-PA22T is
an independent unit to be linked to the PC host via network.
The software on the host as the monitor will send orders to the CTS-PA22T and get feedbacks.


SW Scan for Incomplete Fusions
LW Scan for Multi-Layer Material
3D LW Scan
3D LW Scan for Screwbolts
SW Scan for Cracks