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RT Film Digitalization
Company: PACSESS Ltd.
Contact: Torsten Winterfeldt
Address1: Julius-Bamberger-Str.4
Address2: 28279
City: Bremen
Country: Deutschland
Phone: +49 421 430660
Fax: +49 421 4306626
With > 25 years experience in digital imaging and digitization PACSESS is one of the world leaders in Film Digitization.
Based on this experience the PACSESS engineers are using line scanner and area cameras to digitize your RT films. All solutions are fulfilling ISO standards.
If you cannot send your films to us, we can come to you and digitize your films onsite.
It is also possible to rent digitizing systems and getting a training how to use our RT1 software and the digitizing solution.
Due to the fact, that still approx. 70% of all industrial x-rays are film-based and not digital we make it possible to set up your digital workflow and our main goal was to create a solution which is easy to use and in-expensive.
> easy-to-use > cost-effective > all relevant measurements and image processing tools integrated > warranty contracts and service partners worldwide
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