Evident Ultrasonic Inspection Equipment
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Digital X-Ray Detectors
Contact: Torsten Winterfeldt
Address1: Julius-Bamberger-Str.4
City: Bremen
Country: Germany
Phone: +49 421 430660
Fax: +49 421 4306626
With our digital X-ray detectors and our RT1 software, we offer unique solutions for X-ray inspection.

For portable usage, the use of isotopes such as Selenium or Iridium is possible. With a X-Ray range of up to 450 KeV the radiation of thicker objects is also possible.

Due to the high sensitivity of our detector the exposure time can be removed up to 10 times and the security area can be reduced, because a lower dose is needed to penetrate the objects.
With a wide range of Digital Detector Arrays we could cover a lot of x-ray applications, from small objects, where you have a need for high resolution (76 ym), through classical applications with x-ray sources up to 450 KeV, to thick objects, like 50 mm steel, where the use of Iridium is indicated. But also classical applications with portable usage in Energy-, Petrochemical Plants, Refineries, shipyards, the aviation sector and especially for service providers we will find the right solution. One specific application is the use with a linear accelerator (LINAC), where the detector has to cover up to 15 MeV. In combination with our well-known and -recognized AcuScreen software we are offering cost-effective and customizable solutions for the digital radiography.
> a wide range of digital detectors for different applications, from 76 ym > covering x-ray and gamma sources (classical 40 to 450 KeV, high voltage up to 15 MeV, Iridium, Selenium -tested) > a lot of helpful accessories > complete packages for different applications > highly customizable for your specific needs
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