Evident Ultrasonic Inspection Equipment
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Company: SONOTEC Ultraschallsensorik Halle GmbH
Contact: Fritz Busch
Address1: Nauendorfer Straίe 2
City: Halle (Saale)
State: Sachsen-Anhalt
Country: Germany
Phone: +49 (0)345 / 133 17-839
The powerful SONOWALL 70 is perfect for a wide range of ultrasonic wall thickness measurement applications including standard testing of metals, glass and ceramics. In high penetration mode high attenuating materials and structures become possible to measure such as composites, plastics, rubber, fiberglass or thick castings.
The SONOWALL 70 is capable of measuring rough materials, through coatings and even objects with multiple layers with separate measurements for each layer of different material.
The precision module of the device can measure very thin materials with a high resolution. Via time encoded B-scan you can display a detailed cross section of the tested specimen along one axis.
A wide selection of SONOTEC probes and the fact that other manufacturer‘s probes can be connected easily makes the SONOWALL 70 the most versatile wall thickness device on
the market.

• Aerospace
• Oil and Gas
• Mining
• Power Gen
• Fabrication and many more

Inspection tasks:
• Corrosion monitoring
• Maintenance checks
• Abrasion monitoring
• Testing of castings and forgings
• Sound velocity measurement

Find out more: https://www.sonotec.eu/products/non-destructive-testing/wall-thickness-measurement/sonowall-70/

• High resolution anti-glare 5“ graphic display (800 x 480 px) • Color scheme selectable • Robust aluminum housing, IP67 certified • Drop tested according to EN 60068-2-31 (2008); 20 Drops • Handstrap for ergonomic single hand operation • Desktop stand - ideal for inside use and calibrations • 4-point working harness for longterm operation • Transport case including space for accessories
• SONOGRID Corrosion management software • Through-coat measurement • High penetration and precision mode • Multi-layer measurement • Time encoded B-scan • CSV report generation • Video output • Single & dual element probe operation • Flaw detector upgrade available
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