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CTS-PA22A Portable Ultrasonic Phased Array Flaw Detector
Company: Guangdong Goworld Co., Ltd.
Contact: Kevin Huang
CTS-PA22A is a portable 64-CH phased array ultrasonic flaw detector originally developed by GOWORLD. It's water&oil -proof , fan-free and with touch pad. Whole-process data logging, innovative phased array probes and inspection methods being the advantages, this model guarantees superior performance and support, which makes it among the best of its kind for high C/P ratio.


I.File & Entry Management System for Flexible Bridging between Setting(Focal Law & Model), Calibration and Inspection

II.Modular Configuration : UT(Conventional), L-Scan, S-Scan, L-C-Scan, S-C-Scan, Butt-Weld, CrankShaft & TOFD

III.Simulation Model

IV.Dynamic Depth Focusing(DDF)

V.Smooth Filtering

VI.Touch Screen

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