Evident Ultrasonic Inspection Equipment
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Ultrasonic Probes made in Germany
Company: SONOTEC GmbH
Contact: Maxi Emmrich
Address1: Nauendorfer Straße
City: Halle Saale
State: Germany
Country: Sachsen-Anhalt
Phone: 0345 133 17 821

30 years experience manufacturing ultrasonic probes

SONOTEC has established itself in the global market as a specialist for customized ultrasonic solutions like probes and transducers over the past 25 years. With a strong development department and our own piezocomposite production, we accompany you from the first product idea to serial production. Our scientists are continuously researching new methods in the field of ultrasonic measurement technology. The progress achieved enables us to offer you optimal solutions.
Your expert for applications

Are you looking for a solution for your application? Send us your application and we will determine the required specifications to solve your testing task.
OEM Solutions

The extraordinary know-how of our specialists and the many years of experience of our sales engineers ensure that our OEM components can be easily integrated into your systems. The excellent reproducibility of our products is one of our strengths.
Manufacturing partner

We also offer manufacturing services for ultrasound transducers or ultrasound probes to you. Send us your application with the defined specifications. We develop a reproducible and optimal manufacturing process for you and supply you with products made in Germany of the highest quality.
Wide range of customized and standard ultrasonic probes: - Straight- and angle beam probes - Immersion probes - Quick change probes - Smart pigs - Probes for sheet metal testing - Non-contact probes - Phased-Array probes - many more
- SONOTEC Piezo-Composite technology - Made in Germany - Inhouse R&D and production - Fast development of samples - Fast implementation of specifications
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