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Company: SONOTEC GmbH
Contact: Maxi Emmrich
Address1: Nauendorfer Straße 2
City: Halle (Saale)
State: Germany
Phone: +49 (0) 345 133 17 821

Air-coupled ultrasonic testing is mainly used in process
control in production chains and is perfectly suited for
testing materials and structures composed of composites
(laminates and sandwich structures), ceramics,
concrete, glass, polymers (plastics), wood and metal.
Thus, a wide range of inspection tasks e.g. interface
detection, bonding characterization, inhomogeneity
detection or the detection of internal discontinuities and
inclusions can be covered.
In addition, impurities and damage to materials and test
pieces are prevented in the production process, thus
eliminating costly cleaning steps. Ultimately, this is
accompanied by an increase in effectiveness and quality.
For highly attenuating materials, the performance of the
system is critical. The ultrasonic sensors, the scanning
area and the system settings should be flexibly adapted
to the test task and the material.
These high expectations are met with the new and modular
testing system SONOAIR®. With the world’s first air-coupled phased -array inspection system you are one
step ahead.

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• AIR-COUPLED TESTING: Inspection of highly attenuating materials • AIR-COUPLED PROBES: High resolution due to the use of focusing transducers • UP TO 4 CHANNELS: Up to 4 transmitter and receiver channels with freely configurable square wave burst transmitters and low noise receiving amplifiers • MODULAR CONCEPT: Upgradeable and adaptable system due to the modular concept
• Air-coupled, contactless, couplant free • Inspection of highly attenuating materials • High resolution due to the use of focusing transducers