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CYCLOPZ HD Zoom Camera
Company: Fiberscope.net
Contact: Terry Peristerakis
Address1: 1-1599 Dugald Rd.
City: Winnipeg
State: MB
Country: Canada
Phone: 1-877-613-2210
Fax: 888-686-8660
Our CYCLOPZ HD pole inspection cameras are great for tanks; diesel tanks, vaults, utility electrical vaults, wastewater, storm lines, manholes, vehicles and customs applications, tactical, swat, and police applications industrial machinery, and breweries. These units also have the added benefit of 10x or 30x optical zoom these provide superior inspection quality.

The CYCLOPZ HD units feature a full 1080p HD camera head, along with a high power 10x or 30x optical zoom. The live image is displayed wirelessly on a 5" or 10" rugged tablet and can be transmitted via WiFi to a smartphone and/or tablet. The pole configuration is 16 feet long, and it features electronically controlled motorized movement of the camera head to look around once you are inside the inspection area. These units are also made in NY, so solid American build quality and parts.

The HD pole features electronic motorized movement, so the operator has much better control, and the ability to inspect tight areas, or scan around an area to see in a full circle and up and down. These camera heads are great in low light or complete darkness due to their low Lux sensitivity, and digital image enhancer. In complete darkness, you can see up to 100 feet away.

The tablet can be mounted or worn on your wrist or chest, and it can control all of the camera functions via the touchscreen including image and video capture, brightness control, zoom, etc. The wifi network the camera sets up will also support up to 3 devices to be used at the same time.

For more information, images, captured video, or to set up a demo or rental, please contact me directly.
30x optical zoom, additional digital zoom to increase magnification to 960x OR 10x HD optical zoom camera head with addition digital magnification to 320x Digital signal processor enhances the image Wide dynamic range and high gain mode Waterproof camera housing and pole construction - IP68 Optional for additional side lights for large dark inspection areas Sunlight readable wireless tablet 4 foot drop rated Image and video capture to a memory card Carbon Fiber poles, with motorized movement and zoom 180 degree rotation via buttons on the pole with position indicated on the screen Rechargeable battery for portable use on job sites
Full 1080p HD live image resolution, and captured images/video Interchangeable camera heads, with Optical Zoom, Thermal Image, IR/UV light Digital signal processor enhances the image Low light-sensitive camera, 0.015 Lux Depth of view: Good light 1-200, Complete darkness 1-100 Rugged touchscreen tablet in 5 or 10 color display, sunlight-readable Carbon fiber poles, with motorized electronic movement controlled via the handle/tablet Made in USA
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