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Hendoss Industrial borescopes dual lens/interchangeable lens
Company: Hendoss Videoscope Limited
Contact: Loen Guan
Address1: Bldg9-1909F,Yuanyan Tiandi,Longgang Dist.
City: Shenzhen
Country: China
Phone: +8675528260646
Touchscreen Control & Joystick Control,360°All directions.
Outer diameter: 6mm 3.9mm 2.8mm 2mm
Insert tube: ≤5m ≤4m ≤2m
Working temp.: -20℃-70℃, no preheat need
Relative humidity: max95%,No condensation
Waterproof: Insertion tube IP67
Measurements: 479*387*155mm
Battery working time: ≧ 4 hours
Weight: 1.2kg,with suitcase:6.5kg
Display: 5.2 inch HD LCD
Display Resolution: 640*480
SD card support: 32GB(max 128GB)
Video output: HDMI HD Interface Dual Screen
Synchronous Display
Illuminance: ≧100,000lux
Illumination Type: Optical fiber lighting
Brightness: 10 levels variable
View of angle: 90° \ 100° \ 120°
Depth of field: 5mm-120mm \ 10mm-120mm \ 50mm-∞
Pixels: 1 million \1 million \ 160,000
Outer diameter: 6mm 3.9mm 2.8mm 2mm
Insert tube: ≤5m ≤4m ≤2m
Video/Image format: AVI/JPEG(.JPG)
Image: Rotate,zoom in/out(4times),
capture,video shoot,preview
Digital zoom: 3 times
System language: English German Spanish French Italy
Japanese Chinese
WIFI USB Doodle Special Function under development: voice control with Alexa/Google now IR fuction Low/High temp. -40℃,120℃ (248℉)
Evident Ultrasonic Inspection Equipment