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GaGe EON Express
Company: Vitrek - GaGe Brand High-Speed Data Acquisition
Address1: 12169 Kirkham Road
City: Poway
State: CA
Phone: 815-838-0005
Fax: 815-838-4424
The GaGe EON Express CompuScope PCIe Gen3 digitizer board features unprecedented speed and resolution in a 6 GS/s streaming digitizer with 1.75 GHz bandwidth and PCIe data streaming rates up to 6 GB/s.

Onboard digitizer sample memory is expandable up to 8 GB and the EON Express supports FPGA based applications for real-time DSP functions.

The EON Express can be combined with wideband downconverter models and PC solutions to be the heart of a wideband, multi-channel, RF/Microwave signal analysis and recording system covering frequencies up to 26.5 GHz and up to 500 MHz bandwidth:
Digitizer Features - 12-Bit Vertical A/D Resolution with 2 or 1 Digitizing Input Channels - 6 GS/s Maximum A/D Sampling Rate for 1 Digitizing Input Channel - 3 GS/s Maximum A/D Sampling Rate for 2 Digitizing Input Channels - 27 Software Selectable A/D Sampling Rates from 1 kS/s to 6 GS/s - 1.75 GHz Input Bandwidth with 0.5 dB Flatness to 1.25 GHz - True Sustained 8+ ENOB Over Wide 1 GHz Frequency Range - 2 GS (4 GB) Onboard Sample Memory, Expandable to 4 GS (8 GB) - FPGA Based Applications for Real-Time DSP Functions - Dual Port Memory with Sustained PCIe Gen3 Data Streaming Rates up to 6 GB/s - Full-Featured Front-End with DC Coupling (AC Optional) and 50 Ω Inputs - 6 Software Selectable Input Voltage Ranges from 100 mV to 5V - Ease of Integration with External or Reference Clock In & External Trigger In and Trigger Out with Advanced Triggering Operations - PCI Express (PCIe) Generation 3.0 x8 Interface Card - Windows 10/8/7 and Linux Operating Systems Supported
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