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MINIFLEX Plumbing Camera
Contact: Terry Peristerakis
Phone: 877.613.2210
Is there a camera that can pass multiple series of bends and elbows? The Miniflex Plumbing Camera is the perfect solution for inspecting small-diameter pipes and drains up to 40m. Inspecting pools, spas, hot tubs, showers, kitchen, and bathroom drains is made simple and effective with this inspection unit. Its tiny 19.5mm(0.75") camera head and unique flexi-tube neck allows maneuvering through a P-trap in a 1.25" pipe. The camera head covers a 105-degree field of view and delivers 720x580 pixel images to a 5.6" display. A 512Hz sonde, integrated into the camera head, permits quick location of a blockage or damage. This portable design includes the footage counter, text generator, reel, and monitor in one unit, making it perfect for plumbers and pipefitters.
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