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Pipe Camera ANACONDA
Contact: Terry Peristerakis
Phone: 877.613.2210
Looking for a cost-effective solution for pipe and other duct inspections? The Anaconda Pipe Camera is a well-designed and built unit for inspecting pipes from 3" to 20'' in diameter. Sturdy, flexible fiberglass probes
are available in two different configurations. 197ft(60M) and 394ft(120M). Two camera heads are available: a smaller dual-view and a bigger pan & tilt camera head. These camera heads are IP68 rated and are easily interchangeable with the same probes. Quality chips integrated into the camera head deliver 1280x768 resolution images to an 8" HD display. A 512 Hz sonde allows quick and easy location of a blockage or pipe damage. Other features include an on-screen footage counter, wireless keyboard, and mechanical brake. Altogether the Anaconda Pipe Camera is a sturdy, cost-effective unit for inspecting sewers, drains, and other pipes.
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