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Sewer Camera HATHORN
Contact: Terry Peristerakis
Phone: 877.613.2210
Our Hathorn Standard Line Sewer Cameras are tough Canadian-built units for inspecting pipes, sewers, manholes, drains, and ducts up to 12" in diameter. With its premium push rods, these units are capable
of maneuvering through tight elbows and bends. The durable, waterproof camera heads deliver images to military-grade monitors that have
all the needed controls. The control units, powered by a Milwaukee battery, feature bright images, an optional keyboard, and an additional Wifi Pipestream. Four straight-view camera heads are available: 1"(25.4mm), 1.23"(31.2mm), 1.43"(36.3"), and 1.68"(42.7mm). The camera heads are IP68 rated and can withstand up to
60 psi of pressure. Additional camera features include: 512hz sonde and
a self-leveling option. The probes come in different lengths: 100ft(30M), 200ft(61M), 300ft(91M), 400ft(122M), and 500ft(152M). Constructed out
of butt-welded steel tubes, the powder-coated reel has all the needed functions: a drum brake and an accurate meter counter.
With all the features combined into one unit, the Hathorn Standard Line Sewer Cameras are a perfect solution for demanding and difficult inspection applications.
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