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Micro Duct Camera DUCT-SCAN
Company: Fiberscope.net
Contact: Terry Peristerakis
Phone: 877.613.2210
Looking for a cost-effective and
compact solution for inspecting small sewers, wells, chimneys, and pipes?
Our Duct-Scan Micro Duct Camera is the perfect solution; its lightweight design allows the user to perform quality inspections where it's impossible to use the bigger inspection units. This unit can use two interchangeable camera heads with integrated super-bright LEDs: a dual-view camera head and a pan & tilt camera head. Equipped with quality sensors, they deliver 1024x768 resolution images to an 8" HD display. For increased compactness, the manual reel with a 20M(65ft) cable is fused together with the control box. Other features include an on-screen counter, IP68 camera head rating, and up to 4hrs of battery use. Overall, our Duct-Scan Micro Duct Camera is a small, unique inspection tool where compactness and portability are required.
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