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Industrial Videoscope ILED
Company: Fiberscope.net
Contact: Terry Peristerakis
Phone: 877.613.2210
Looking for a borescope that has interchangeable probes?
The ILED Industrial Videoscope is
a highly-technological videoscope that combines durability and quality performance into one. This videoscope has numerous applications in different fields; police inspecting automobiles, border control investigating strange containers, military squads using in secret operations, mechanics assessing turbines, non-destructive specialists inspecting ducts, and engineers conducting quality controls, all of them will find this videoscope a valuable and needed tool. The splash and shockproof monitor with a 7" display features a 1280x600 pixel resolution and is powered by a rechargeable battery. It has a powerful EIOS software, text generation, digital zoom, and a Wifi Live Stream for increased comfort. The interchangeable probes come in 4mm, 6mm, and 8mm diameter, and range from 1.5m - 7.5m(4.9ft - 24.6ft) in length. These tungsten braided probes can withstand a temperature
of 280F(140C) for 5 min and are IP67 rated. Other features include integrated high-light LEDs, quality HAD CCD camera sensor, two and four-way articulation, and interchangeable objective lenses with diffirent DOV, FOV, and working distances. This borescope combines all of these features into one durable videoscope.
Evident Ultrasonic Inspection Equipment