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Industrial Video Borescope VOYAGER C68HD
Company: Fiberscope.net
Contact: Terry Peristerakis
Phone: 877.613.2210
Inspecting industrial machinery for quality control or damage?
Our Voyager C68HD Industrial Video Borescope will make the job faster and easier. With a working length of up to 32.8ft it provides HD images of the inspection area. Its motorized all-way articulation and flexible probes allow easy maneuvering through tight bends and curves during inspections. The probes come in 2mm(0.078"), 2.8mm(0.11"), 3.9mm(0.15"), 6mm(0.23") diameters, and 1m - 10m(3.2ft-32.8ft) in lenght. Protected with a rubber case, the durable standalone 8" monitor has a full-view touchscreen, digital zoom, text generation, and internal storage. Other features include a virtual joystick, additional side-view probes, optional Wifi, and 3D measurement functions. With an IP67 rating for the probe and an IP55 rating for the main body, the Voyager C68 Video Borescope is perfect for demanding applications in wet and humid environments.
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